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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  February 26, 2024 2:00am-3:00am PST

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i believe what we have to say is empty words are costing us lives, the lives of youngnext individuals, the legs of theal next generation. we need to see tech companies actually step up and take action designed products so they are not addictive or taking advantagage e of the brains of g people across the country. we need to demand better and see results. right now we are nothem seeing them. therefore, it cannot be maintained. >> trey: i'm grateful to both of you for sharing your expertise on a sunday night. >> thanks, trey. >> thank you. >> trey: thank you for spending part of your sunday with us. i hope you have a great week gre ahead. until next week find us online at gaudi america >> todd: we are learning more information about the illegal
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immigrant accused of murdering a university of georgia student. laken riley was killed and found with visual injuries on her body. we're talking to sheriffs across the country about how the border crisis is affecting their neighborhoods. >> carley: and a debacle in michigan. >> todd: big loss this weekend is not stopping nikki haley, what you need to watch as the first big swing state comes into focus. you are watching "fox and friends first," i'm todd piro. >> carley: i'm carley shimkus. the judge in the trump-georgia election case will meet with bradley, lawyer for nathan wade, who romantic relationship with fani willis could have her taken off the case. >> todd: and potentially more.
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brooke singman has more. >> brooke: nathan wade tried to keep this from happening. bradley will be questioned today, part of the effort to disqualify fani willis and the election interference case. a private investigator dug up 10,000 text messages from january to november 2021, contradicting the testimony that the relationship did not begin until early 2020. cell phone analysis shows wade's phone pinging near willis's phone 35 times between april and november of 2021, same month willis hired wade to prosecute the trump case. trump's lawyers are calling on the pair to testify again. they should say what was happening so nobody will colplain about speculation or
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improper efforts to distort the truth. others say the case could be dismissed. >> fani willis is on the virge of having this case dismissed with prejudice. it seems to be evident that there is strong evidence this relationship began way before they both claim it did and that is putting aside perjury. >> brooke: the meeting is four days ahead of the hearing that could have willis and wade thrown off the case. >> todd: brooke did a great job setting it up there, what will take place today in the judge's chambers, what information trump's attorneys will try to get off of terrence bradley? >> the reason this is going on today, this case is like a bar exam question. do not represent your friends.
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this does not happen often. what they doll in chambers, having an in-camera review, which means in private. the judge will talk to terrence bradley, there is uncertainty as to what he knows is due to the course of his representation or a friend. you don't have privilege with the stuff you tell your best friend, although i would tell my best friend differently. there is a strong and long-standing privilege what you tell your lawyer. the judge is trying to figure out what he knew and how, what context he knew it in and he is doing it in private in case the information is privileged. >> todd: one thing to keep in mind, we've attacked a lot of judges on this program and
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throughout the media, because they seem biassed. this judge seems like he's trying to play down the middle and be on the up and up and this is a prudent move by him. here is what nathan wade said, listen. >> frequents, prior to november 1 of 2021, you were at the condo more than 10 times? >> no, sir. >> less than 10 times? >> yes, sir. >> todd: that is what one person in rat sides. fani willis said things that are incorrect. trump's lawyers filed a motion to have fani willis testify again in light of the new evidence that the relationship began earlier than stated. explain how that testimony could jeopardize her case against trump and her career. a prosecutor can't perjur herself on the stand in which
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she prosecutes. >> that is correct, lawyers are of the court and held to a different standard. courts are to assume things we say are true. she cannot lie under oath. what they are alleging in this instance is that she and wade lied about the date of their relationship. contradicted by evident just released. this is compelling evidence, cell phone evidence. not so much triangulation of the cell phones, that could be explainable. they could testify they were not where the cell phones said, it is imprecise science, you can't contradict the 180 phone calls per month, 12,000 text messages,
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that is significant amount of con contact. if the judge decides to remove fani willis from the case, that is her whole office. others may not want to touch it with a 10-foot pole. it coulding an existential threat if the office is removed. >> todd: what is in it for trump? great explanation there. what it in it for fani willis? does her career survive this? you can use certain things, tow the line, this seems like a disqualifying event or series of events. >> you can't lie under oath. she has lied under oath and she brought up potential campaign violations, which was strange.
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loose lips sink ships when under the public glare testifying. she could face disciplinary action, you are not allowed to lie under oath. these two, even if the case continues in fulton county and they are able to survive this mess, they will likely have problems with the bar of georgia. >> todd: you hear the phrase, doctors make the worst patients, boy, fani willis made a horrible witness. she is one disappointed attorney today. first major swing state primary happening tomorrow in michigan and gretchen whitmer facing a test convincing democrats to vote for president biden. >> any vote not cast for joe
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biden supports a second trump term. >> carley: not just the presidential race, we are looking ahead with candidate bernie moreno, coming up next. good morning, i'm jill lawrence, i live in florida, i'm 73 years old and i get up early in the morning. first thing i do is turn you on. how about that? (♪)
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>> todd: no rest for the weary. one day away from the first major swing state primary of 2024, where nikki haley is still trying to gain, despite donald trump's lead. madeline rivera joins us. >> nikki haley wasted no time jetting to michigan for campaign events. she says she's staying in the
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race, even after losing in saturday's gop presidential primary. haley says the results show trump's weakness. >> look at michigan and what we saw in the first three early states. donald trump lost 40% in the first plea states, you have to look at that, if he's losing 40%, he can't win a general election. >> the map doesn't look any different in michigan, polls show trump leading haley. the koch group is pulling their funding from her, saying they don't believe an outside group can widen her path to victory. there is a movement backed by rashida tlaib for progressives to vote uncommitted in the state's primary tomorrow, in
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protest of president biden's handling of the israel-hamas war. gretchen whitmer is going to bat for him now. >> i want to make the case, do not lose sight of the fact any vote not for biden protecting a second trump term. this is a very high-stakes moment, cast an affirmative vote for president biden. >> after michigan, super tuesday, more than a dozen stateses will vote. >> carley: thank you so much. michigan is one of several states that could decide control of senate in november, along with other competitive battlegrounds, including ohio, where bernie moreno is running. bernie, great to see you. thank you for joining us. republicans are looking to regain control of the senate.
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why are the man to help them achieve that? >> we need outsiders in washington, d.c. going to congress was never intended to be a jobs program. people with practical business experience know how to get things done. president trump showed us that in 2016 and i will join him in the senate and get the agenda accomplished. >> carley: you got the endorsement of president trump. >> president trump is popular in ohio, he brought back manufacturing, great to our farmers, our economy was better than it has ever been. >> carley: will be this an uphill battle for you? >> he has the media behind him and all kinds of money from hollywood and big tech.
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we have resources and will make the case why this guy has been there too long and his policies hurt 6789 >> carley: republicans need to gain two senate seats or one in the white house and hold on to all senate seats they have right now. i don't know if you are a betting man, if you are, where do you put odds of that? >> we're going to win. president trump will win, we'll capture the senate and house and get the agenda completed. president trump had to fight republicans and that will change next year. >> carley: talk about issues, when you talk to voters in ohio, what is on their mind the most? >> the world is different under biden than under trump, they feel it in their pocketbook and
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at the grocery store. that is upsetting to emthis, the border, ohio ravaged by fentanyl and illegal immigrants, we've had killings and crime due to illegal immigrants. they want their country back to normal. looking for common sense and restoring of valuing. >> carley: this is a nationwide story, the young girl murdered, any parent could think, that could be my daughter or son and seems like another example of how this is a manufactured crisis. >> we had the same thing happen in ohio, illegal immigrant crashed into a school bus and killed a 12-year-old boy. i came here legally, we honor legal immigrants and should have zero tolerance.
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>> carley: you came here legally and became a successful businessman in the auto industry, is that right? >> yeah, i started with one car dealership and was able to create a group of 15 representing 30 brands. >> carley: now this ev push, i was talking to scott hayes about president biden's ev mandate. if this happens, in eight years 70% of cars would be electric vehicle, mandate on what people should buy. >> that is crazy and what is crazier, you are handing the auto industry to china. byd would take over. let consumers decide what kind of cars to buy.
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i never had one person ask me what kind of car they should buy? >> carley: there is a presidential race taking place, a lot of people are talking about nikki haley staying in. why do you think that is? >> i have no idea, president trump has been the nominee over a year ago. i endorsed him in 2023, we have wasted a lot of money, let's unite as a party and support trump and use that money we will waste to get him elected. >> carley: on the other side, there is a push for write-in votes in michigan as undecided. do you think that is a big story or overblown? >> absolutely, democrats have a terrorist sympathizer problem, that is realities, hope that stays and biden will get a message he won't know what to do
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with. >> carley: bernie obin taed endorsements from president trump and j.d. vance and others. thank you. send it over to janice dean for the fox weather forecast. welcome back. >> janice: we have a seesaw this time of year. we will get warm air and crashing cold front with arctic air this week. 95 in dallas, holy molly. 77 in kansas city city, that is summertime heat. this arctic cold front will bring severe weather. a winter storm, blizzard conditions and severe storms in the midwest, ohio river valley.
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spring to winter quickly in next 24 to 48 hours through central u.s., ohio valley, midwest. forecast lows, you saw temperatures above average and will crash below average with wind gusts and snow will be gloen around, potentially seeing wizz blizzard conditions. storm forecast, not a ton of snow, the strong air and winds will cause blizzard conditions. i can't believe 95 on the map for dallas. 81 in houston and cold air for the rockies. look at temperatures coming down. 54 in dallas on wednesday, enjoy it, i guess, if you like summertime heat for the next 12
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hours. over to you. >> todd: your map looks like a rainbow. >> janice: like a see-saw. >> todd: welcome back. new details about the illegal immigrant accused of murdering the georgia student laken riley including his past arrest where he was allowed to walk free. >> and talking about the rise in crime in joe biden's america. don't go anywhere. we handcraft every stearns & foster using the finest materials, like indulgent memory foam, and ultra-conforming intellicoils, for a beautiful mattress, and indescribable comfort, every single night. during our presidents day sale, bring home incredible comfort with savings up to $800 on select adjustable mattress sets. ♪
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>> carley: it is man accused of murdering nursing student laken riley is confirmed to be an illegal immigrant from venezuela. >> cheryl: murder suspect from
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venezuela confirmed to have crossed into the u.s. in 2022 through el paso, texas. had been arrested in new york city. ibarra, was arrested on september 8th in el paso, texas. he was charged in new york city with endangering a child in past august. the nypd released him. according to his wife, they crossed together. she said, i have a lot of faith it wasn't him, if he did, he has to pay for what he did. he fled to georgia. authorities are calling this crime of opportunity, he lived five minutes from where the body was found. we discussed this case is lawrence jones. >> mr. president, we got
2:31 am
breaking news of a noncitizen in georgia killed this young woman on campus and the kids don't feel safe, what is your reaction to this? >> i just heard about the crime, it is a shame. it is called biden migrant crime. >> lawrence: this is on him. >> he's let billions of people, they are emptying prisons all over the world, yesterday they had people coming over from prison in the congo and asia. they are destroying our country, we will change it and make america great again. >> cheryl: this as the venezuelan president as shut the door on them coming back.
2:32 am
>> todd: that could be any of our daughters, that is sad and sense lsz. let's bring in three sheriffs, sheriff did you tellon from montana, gary from illinois a snyder from martin county. what is frustrating about the georgia killing, none happen if joe biden enforced the law. how do you as a sheriff right his wrongs? >> one thing we try to do is work with border patrol. and have an idea we have to talk to our citizens. i represent lewis and clark county and i partner with other sheriffs to make sure whatever failed policies will not impact the lives and peace and security
2:33 am
of the citizens of montana. we have a problem with it. fentanyl and endentured servitude is real, every state becomes a border state. >> todd: great you are doing that, a lot of blue sanctuary states, cooperation does not happen and individuals roam free and do what we just saw. sheriff, explain the challenge of keeping your consistents safe when new people are flooding your community and you don't know anything about these people. >> you are right, we don't know who is coming in, it is a concern. where do they go once they cross the border? they are be given a court date six or seven years out and will
2:34 am
not show up. this nursing student in georgia is concerning. we have intelligence out there and try to be proactive, it is concerning what is going on and resources that it takes, resources on housing and our jobs and whole situation that is being handled, i don't understand it. >> todd: i don't either. sheriff snyder, you were just at the border, what is your biggest worry as you try to defend your citizens and keep your people safe? >> my biggest worry, as politicians, nasty remarks back and forth and job not being done. we have overcrowding in our jail right now, part due to undocumented immigrants that are here. we've had serious crime
2:35 am
committed by people not from the us. i'm last line here, last resort, if they can't get it together in washington, we will continue to fight on the streets of the united states. >> todd: you raise something in your answer that your jails are overcrowded and that comes down to funding, you don't have unlimited funding source, how tough to fight migrant crime with limited budget when migrants are funded by cartels that has a cash flow any business in america would love to see. how do you deal with that circumstance? >> you hit it right on the head, they are without restrictions on funding and i've been down to the border with sheriff mark daniels and works down there. they knew within half-hour in an
2:36 am
unmarked vehicle, they can use technology, they are not bound by laws of the united states. they are ruth lsz when it comes to business practice. if you don't do what they ask, they kill you. we have an understanding with border patrol, they are serious threat, cartels are a serious threat and this administration needs to teach them with uch. >> todd: we thank you gentlemen for being the last line of defense. thank you for your time and efforts, sheriffs. >> carley: fox news alert, rnc chair woman ronna mcdaniel will step down just days after super tuesday. abc news obtained statement that says the rnc has undergone
2:37 am
change and i will honor that tradition. i want to elect republicans up and down the ballot in november and she will step down to allow our nominee to elect a chair of their choosing. rnc has been under ronna mcdaniel for seven years. she will be stepping down soon. >> carley: you read her explanation and other people say this is because of pressure and people questioning where is the money going and why isn't measure coming in, a lot of questions will be resolved. >> carley: major development in middle east, prime minister netanyahu says potential ceasefire deal is on the table for the israeli prime minister says that is not stopping a major siege of rafah. >> todd: live response from --
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2:43 am
potential ceasefire. trey yingst is live in tel aviv, trey. >> trey: significant development out of west bank. prime minister staya handed -- ramallah. it does come as fighting continues inside gaza, israeli military killed 30 militants in northern gaza, an area cleared by the idf. they are operating in khan yunis and waiting to see if they will be told to enter rafah.
2:44 am
plans were submitted to israeli cabinet to move if it does take place. >> i'm talking to my israeli counterparts to hear more, they have gone in the press without talking with us. i have questions and concerns about what is reflected in the press. >> trey: biden administration watching what is happening on the ground. later this morning prime minister netanyahu will be on "fox and friends," likely to answer new questions about entering gaza city and rafah. >> carley: bring in florida congressman cory mills to pick up where trey left off. there is potential hostage deal
2:45 am
in the works. prime minister netanyahu said it is still on the table, what are you hearing about this? >> from what we're understanding from an egyptian official, the deal is three parts, the 134 hostages looking to be traded out for hamas fighters. i don't understand the numbers, it is quite a significant difference what is put out there. they would like to see -- prior to march 10th. prime minister netanyahu made it clear that this will not impact their operations going on throughout rafah, they are looking at a six-week ceasefire.
2:46 am
>> carley: there is news trey was reporting that shows movement within the palestinian authority that could show they would take over gaza when this is over. how do you feel about that as a u.s. lawmaker and how will that go over in israel if that is the case? >> we've seen previous deals in the inci incident since october. we've seen how this worked out in a similar fashion in lebanon, duly elected represent one part of the government and if it works and creates peace, great, i want to focus on the hostages
2:47 am
first and focus on eliminating the -- we have u.s. hostages and that is not part of the discussion. they talk about release of israeli soldiers, where is joe biden to have americans released and back home safe. >> carley: talk about president biden, we are heading toward a partial government shutdown on friday, has a deal been worked out? >> i will not tell the american taxpayers that the men and women trying to afford this, we will now tax you for someone else's border, not our own. >> carley: you think the
2:48 am
veterans affairs will shut down? >> we had passed our budget and defense appropriations budget and senate failed to take those up. they could fund 80% of the government. they want to cram ukraine funding in. there is no military strategy and we need to think about the debt we are in now. more than entire annual defense budget spending. we have to be fiscally responsible and look at the irs, we took 14.4 and allocated for israel. under weak leadership of mcconnell and chuck schumer we failed to do what we are
2:49 am
supposed to be doing, passing hr-1 low-cost energy act, secure the border act, parental rights. right now this is schumer shutdown. >> carley: the president will meet with house and senate tomorrow to talk about foreign aid and government shutdown. thank you for joining us. todd, over to you. >> todd: today, president biden will sit down for a rare interview, a hard-hitting one to i love your dress. interview, a hard-hitting one to ensure voters he is fit
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2:56 am
contributor joins us now. last week it was kamala with p funk and this week it's joe with a comedian. it underscores this unseriousness of this entire administration. joe, they think they can fool us with fluff, when, in reality, they are ignoring the tough questions from real journalists. what say you? >> todd, this is the same president that avoided the super bowl interview for the second straight year, you may recall. and that was very telling at that point. so, when you see joe biden sit down with seth meyers who is the poor man's stephen colbert where 90% of the interview will be about how horrible trump is, 5% of the interview will be probably about biden's age but probably couching it in a way where seth meyers is equating joe biden with jumper jill biden or something cream puff, t-ball kind of questions. this shows you that this
2:57 am
president is not ready for a second term as at this point. i don't mind, by the way, when candidates go on shows like this, but you have to balance it, to your point by going on other places, including fox news by the way with a bret baier or a martha mccallum, for example. and taking serious questions about the border and crime and inflation and about these wars that we're pouring billions of dollars in and i can go on the list as far as the topics that can be discussed. but this interview with seth meyers will be, basically, t-ball if you put a beach ball on the t at this point, carley. >> carley: i think you are right. do the late night introduce and fun ones and do the hard hitting ones as well or face this kind of criticism. i'm also mainly concerned about the traffic situation that's going to take place in new york city. >> todd: she started yelling before we got to commercial. i thought you were having a stroke. last time the president was in new york city it took me two hours to get home. it was brutal. so, joe, there is also this from axios we want to talk to you
2:58 am
about. democrat drorns president biden's use of cheat sheets. we have seen the cheat sheets in pictures before. now there is further emphasis on this and focus on it. this axios report says biden's reliance on note cards to help explain his own policy positions on questions he knows are coming is raising concerns b. among some donors about biden's age. the staged q&a sessions have left some donors wondering whether biden can with stand the rigor of a presidential campaign let alone debates with former president trump. where do you see this going? >> well, on questions he knows are coming. why we know the questions are coming? oh, right. we have seen this before where literally he is told what reporters to call on and some of those reporters have shared what questions they are going to ask. and, in this case, you know, with donors as well. i guess donors are saying okay, tell the president i'm going to talk about this. again, if this is the golf starter at your local golf
2:59 am
course then that's fine, i guess, if you need a couple of notes as far as where to tell people where to go as far as where to tee off. commander-in-chief of our armed forces. the fact he needs notes three years into presidency. decades as a center whe senatorh a who say that should be discerning. they know this because this abc poll came out a week or so ago shows basically 9 in 10 americans believe that he does not have the mental capacity for this job. that is something that should be disturbing to everybody regarding will of how you vote and what your ideology is. >> todd: if these voters are so worried why are you donating. i digress. defending president biden's age and handlers helping him out. listen. >> 76% of voters say they have real concerns about president biden's ability to serve a second term. do you think it's responsible for democrats to put him at the top of the ticket given those concerns? >> responsible i revere his record.
3:00 am
i mean, this -- what he has done in three years has been a master class. >> does he need to do more. >> i think is he doing everything he needs to do. my humble perspective, not only the last three years have been extraordinary. everybody out with him as you know on the campaign trail. i was just out in california. i have seen him upclose and from afar. here's my point. it's because of his age that he has been so successful. >> todd: 20 second response to that and what is newsom's play with an answer like that? >> carley: kiss the ring. >> if i hear one more time kristin walker is not partisan or biased i will run in traffic. biden newsom the biden presidency master class shaking her head in complete agreement no. challenge whatsoever. gavin newsom obviously is saying all the right things here in case he is called upon to come out of the bullpen and be the rivera of the democratic party. >> carley: i think that's what is going on. joe, it seems like you agree. "fox & friends" starts right now. have great day


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